Crepe Delicious, Richmond

Since I was at Richmond Centre, and was craving crepe from Mazuza crepes from Aberdeen, I had to settle with what I could get in my location. I try to stay away from Crepe delicious because I feel like they mainly have sweet crepes, and I’m a savory crepe kind of person. The people working there were super nice, and kept offering me suggestions and the menu. After struggling for 10 minutes, I finally chose the Viva La Crepe. With Chicken breast, lettuce, tomato and portabella mushrooms! I didn’t want pesto. I know, it’s good but I just wasn’t feeling pesto that day.

20130719_183438 20130719_183743

After seeing how big it was, I had to ask for a plate… It was double the price of the ones from Aberdeen, but the portion size was probably triple. I had a food coma afterwards. But this is definitely my new favorite place for crepes. They did not skimp on the ingredients and every mouthful was filled with EVERYTHING. It was delicious! I think I might try it with pesto next time, but even now it is already amazing. Even though the huge nutella jars scare me…

Crepe Delicious on Urbanspoon

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