Cactus Club @ English Bay


Look at that beautiful sunset at English Bay. For my bestie’s birthday, we decided to have dinner beside the beach at Cactus Club. I didn’t realize how small the restaurant was whenever I passed by it. But then again, there is 2 floors so I guess it just looks small. But the view was definitely incredible. The service was top notch, besides the fact that they were super busy and some of our food took a while. But it was definitely worth it.



The Sunset Soda, it had a nice hint of mango to it, but it was a little bland for me. And finally, the Bellini. It was again, refreshing. Not very big on cocktails, so I’ll just say they were refreshing.


We’re always tempted to order calamari when we go out to eat because 2 years ago, we tried the calamari at Miku, and it was fantastic. So far, still irreplaceable. We still love the ones from there and there is no restaurant that compares. These were alright. A little too much batter for my liking and a little oily. But it was nice to get a variety of the jalapenos, peppers, squid body and tail.

20130704_20193220130704_202136This is the pesto chicken quesadilla, I didn’t try it because I was super full but I believe they were pretty good. This came with an order of Yam fries  


The recommended entree of the night. The stablefish. After the dish came, our waitress poured the sauce on top and man… This was the best dish of the night. It was made amazing well, the peking duck broth was delicious! The fish itself was soft and bouncy? I’m horrible at describing our dishes, but seriously this is a must try.


Being a steak lover, I just have to order it every time. Instead of mashed potatoes, I asked for green salad. Which is nice, had tomatoes, feta, spinach, mixed greens and strawberries. I asked for a rare steak, and they gave me rare, -thumbs up-  WHILE keeping it warm -double thumbs up- I did find the mushroom glaze a little over powering. But the steak itself was good.


And finally, the soy-dijon salmon. I didn’t try because it was very sour. And I was full anyways.


And we cannot end a birthday dinner without cake. So we went with the peanut butter crunch… I forgot the rest of the name but you’ll know it when you see the menu. It comes with ice cream in which I did not get a chance to eat because I didn’t bring my lactooo pills. ): I think the ice cream is needed in order to enjoy the entire dessert just because it was a little too sweet on its own. The ice cream would have balanced it but I didn’t get the luxury of doing so. LOL. But regardless, amazing dinner. Fantastic view.
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