The Eatery

The Eatery has been on my wishlist for a while. And finally, I can check it off. The atmosphere there was really nice. It was really unique from other places, and so is their menu.

This place is not exactly the place to go to for quality sushi, but it’s decent and it is for laughs. The menu list is packed with choices, and it took us forever to decide. I’d say the menu kept us busy for a while, and there was a lot of laughing. Their sushi roll names are definitely entertaining.

Ms. M ordered a combo with came with miso soup and a sunomono salad. The Sunomono needed some work. It was super bland, and it wasn’t sour at all. The base seem to be mostly water and no vinegar. It was basically tasteless and the noodles were dry and clumped together. The miso soup was decent.

As the main course for her combo, this is the tempura chicken teri Don buri (tangy teriyaki). According to her, it was very delicious. It tasted like chicken nuggets from macdonalds but the sauce made it very tangy. The portion size is huge, it may not seem like it in this photo but it was. It definitely filled a person up.

Mr.N ordered 3 types of rolls, and I got to try them all. They were pretty good. The Buddha Roll (left) consists of tempura yams, red pepper, asparagus and lettuce. This was super crunchy, it was nice to be able to taste each ingredient individually. Sometimes ODing on the ingredients confuse my taste buds. I like the sushi rice ratio with the rest of the food. The magic mushroom (right) had grilled asparagus and shitake mushrooms. Super simple veggie roll but I think the juiciness of the mushroom made it very delicious.

The last roll he got is The Berkley, which consists of avocado, yam tempura, cream cheese and tempura bits. I don’t usually eat the cream cheese, but they didn’t overload it so it was alright. Another simple veggie roll that satisfied us, well him.

As for me, I wanted to give the funkier rolls a try. To my disappointment, the best part of the roll is the name. The Sexy & seductive roll, consists of avocado, salmon, tuna with roe and mayo over crab and cucumber. The name definitely gave us a good laugh, but taste wise, it was a disappointment. I guess I expected more but really it was just a normal California roll with a funny name.

For my last roll, I got The Sunshine, with lettuce, mango, avocado, spinach gomae, carrot rolled in soy bean sheet. THIS roll, with a normal name actually tasted a lot better than the crazy one. I think I would come back here for the veggie rolls because they are very well made. The bean sheet was thin and you can barely taste it, I think it tasted more like egg though, if taste. The mango taste stood out the most, but I really did enjoy this roll. After finishing, I felt very refreshed.

I think the experience was good. I love the decor in here. The food wasn’t great, but I’d come back to get their veggie rolls and MAYBE give their special rolls another try. They also accept request for their special rolls, as in you can online submit a roll you design and they may approve it and bring it into their menu. Pretty cool huh?
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