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Hello hello! Another post again, far away at Surrey. Well not that far, but far for me. But since I was at Surrey central, might as well grab some bbt from bubble 88. There’s always pearl castle in Richmond, and my first experience at the PC from Surrey wasn’t that great so I’ll stick to this place. Which is one of my favorite place for Taiwanese food. WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE IN SURREY? Plus I don’t have any courses at SFU Surrey this sem, that means I won’t go there much ): Sunday wasn’t as busy as I thought it’d be. I love the service there, our server was super polite and she remembered our order without jotting it down. I find this surprising in Asian restaurants… IMG_9762 B got the house special milk tea, which I think is just normal milk tea with some whipped cream on the top. We like how bubble 88 offers a regular size and also a large size. For those who always finish their drinks super fast before the main dish comes, you can always opt for the large. (: IMG_9768I wanted to try something new, but I think next time I’ll stick to something I know I’d like. I was reading some blogs about this place and one of them (i forgot which) mentioned that you can ask them to use real milk instead of powdered milk (+$0.25 only!), so I did. This is the sesame coffee milk tea, I got 1/4 sweet because I don’t really like sweet drinks. This actually had a very funny taste, I didn’t like it. Next time I’ll stick to either sesame milk tea or coffee milk tea haha. IMG_9765 Since I wasn’t too hungry, I just ordered the appetizer popcorn chicken. I love the popcorn chicken here, I think it is because of the basil or bay leaves? that they add in. It reminds me of Tapioca Express’s popcorn chicken. I actually really liked them, and they were not heavily battered or too oily. It was crispy on the outside and SUPER juicy. The juice actually burned my lips, but other than that, I have nothing to complain about. One of the best popcorn chickens.

IMG_9766B got deep fried fish in sweet & sour sauce. We ordered extra veggies because I wanted some. It was just bean sprouts and celery. very refreshing, I love taiwanese side dishes. The sweet and sour sauce wasn’t overly sweet, it was just right. The fish fillet was huge, crispy on the outside but soft on the inside. I like dipping the popcorn chicken in the sauce. The portion size at bubble 88 is pretty big, not as big as estea, but just right I think. We managed to finish our food. (: I’ll miss you bubble 88. Until next time!

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