Lunch at Sockeye City Grill

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Finally the sun is OUT and burning our backs! This is such a great time to walk around Steveston Village, our favorite place to chill during the summer time. J, Beh and I decided to go there for lunch. It was between sockeye city grill or hog shack. I heard such good things about hog shack, I guess we’ll go next time. When we got in, it was fairly packed. We wanted to sit outside at first but it got chilly and everything was blowing around. So we asked to be seated inside.

We all ordered from the Lunch market sheet menu and I’m glad we did. Even though we all wanted to order fish and chips at first, we definitely made a better choice going with this menu.


I got my Steak and Fries with a house salad. I asked if I could get seasonal vegetables instead but I couldn’t. So I switched to the house salad; and I’m glad I did because I loved the dressing. It was served with a blueberry vinaigrette. It was fresh and definitely something I have not tried. Aside from the  mixed greens, there was also some dried cranberries.

Steak and Fries

And here is my steak and yam fries. The steak was the perfect size. I had asked for medium rare but it was closer to the well done side. Other than that, it was delicious. The yam fries were kinda sad though. It were quite bland and also a little soggy for my liking.


Beh got the Sockeye Salmon and for some reason the menu did not say it comes with mushroom ravioli. I had a bite of everything so I can say that the salmon was pretty good, but overly seasoned in my opinion. And I actually like Salmon that’s not well-done. I like the half sashimi kind of taste. But this was well-done so it was just okay for me. The ravioli was delicious. I’ve actually never had mushroom ravioli before, it’s always been meat and more meat. But I guess the ravioli could have been seasoned a little more. Maybe I should’ve eaten the salmon and ravioli together.

Hot Pot

J got the Hot pot, which consists of mussels, clams, fin fish in a broth. And let me just tell you, the broth was AMAZING. We even ordered extra garlic bread to dip in the broth. I’m not sure if it was the bread that was delicious, or the broth, but together they are a match from heaven. It was divine! One thing that J complained about was that there was actually very few clams, it was mostly shells. I dont think we even saw any mussels. But regardless, the broth and garlic bread wins all. So glad she did not choose the seafood Penne instead, which is probably delicious too.

Service was topnotch. We were often asked if we wanted our drinks and coffee refilled. Definitely going back a couple times more before school starts again. We walked around for a couple of hours and walked into a flower shop, it was beautiful in there. Wish I could just buy the entire garden. IMG_9428

Enjoy the good weather! :D

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