Fairmont Hotel Afternoon Tea

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Last year we bought 2 coupons from social shopping for a 2 for 1 afternoon tea set. We didn’t use it until now and we had to make reservations 2 weeks in advance. All weekends were fully booked so we were stuck with a weekday, which was fine with us. It was fairly dark inside, so my pictures turned out quite blurry and you can’t see much. So I don’t think I’ll post the super bad pictures.

Even though it was a weekday, it was super busy. We made reservations for 2pm, but we didn’t get seated until around 2:30pm. They gave us a small table and we actually needed an extra table to put our food when it arrived. The server wasn’t that attentive, but we don’t blame her, it was busy like I said.

3 tier

After about 15 minutes, our 3-tier food finally came. I didn’t take a picture of our tea cups, they were beautiful. As you can see the little glimpse of it behind the food. Their tea menu isn’t big, but I think there is something in there to suit everyone’s liking. Once our food arrived and we took pictures, we immediately dug in. I was surprised when the scones were at the top and not the middle. I’m used to the dessert being at the top tier.

Starting at the top, we had some freshly baked scones (plain and raisins). I love scones, just scones in general. And these scones were perfect for me. Warm, flaky and buttery. I didn’t use the Devonshire Cream, but their homemade fruit preserves was delicious with the scones. I can honestly say the scones were my favorite out everything.


After we all devoured the scones, we started with the bottom tier. There were 4 types of tea sandwiches. According to their menu, which I’m looking at now because no one could ever remember the names, the triangle one is the Heirloom tomato, crisp pancetta, on rosemary focaccia. I didn’t like the bread much, even though i love rosemary. The cucumber with egg salad was normal, I can’t say much. I personally love the smoked salmon pinwheel, but I wish they lessen the mascarpone. The one least liked by everyone was the turkey baguette at the far back, it was quite bland.


Finally we moved onto the middle tier, the dessert. We actually left more than half of the dessert alone because we were quite full from the sandwiches and also because some of them were just too sweet for our liking. I tried the Chocolate Mocha Choux, which is the one you see with multiple layers. It was surprisingly very hard, it took a lot of effort to puncture it with a fork. I took off the first layer because it looked too shiny for my liking. But it was a good balance between chocolate and coffee, a little sweet though. I took little bite of the coffee flavored macaroon. I thought it was too sweet, plus I was never really a fan of macaroons. Please don’t hate me for saying that. I know a lot of people enjoy them. The other desserts were too sweet for us so we just left them.

We loved the interior of the lounge. Although we got very stiff chairs, unlike the rest of the customers, it was a good experience. The food wasn’t spectacular, but it was good. Since it was so busy, we had to ask a couple of times before our teas were refilled. I think I’d return again if there is another 2 for 1 coupon available.

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7 responses to “Fairmont Hotel Afternoon Tea

  1. I really enjoyed using my voucher for the downtown Fairmont afternoon tea too! Too bad they don’t have a similar deal this year. Look forward to reading about more eats on your blog. If you have time, come visit my blog too :)

  2. I spoke with one sever that call me back for my table she told me they don’t sale voucher anymore ; I had same food as mzkimchi ; I been there 4 time ; but this time wasn’t good as before ; (my tea)

    • Hii Cathy,
      Thanks for letting me know. What a shame that they don’t sell them anymore. :/ But I do agree, their food isn’t as great. I think most people are there for the atmosphere. (:

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