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For my second dine out, we decided to go try CinCin  Ristorante & Bar, a very nice Italian restaurant in Downtown. We were a little late but we were seated immediately. The interior was beautiful. It was simple but they had several face sculptures on the wall and multiple big wholes on the wall with wine bottles just sitting in there. The restaurant is huge, but the space was a little tight. If that made sense..

Complementary Bread

After ordering, we received our complementary bread. I forgot what the dipping was, but I remember there was garlic and olive oil and something very sour. The bread was served warm and it was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. It reminded me of sourdough bread, but I don’t think it is.

Winter Squash SoupI ordered the winter squash soup, but they spilled mine so I took a picture of someone else’s. The soup was amazing, I loved it. It was so delicious, packed with flavor and the parmesan was not overwhelming at all. I loved the thick texture of the soup. The crostini at the top was very interesting. It looked like bacon though, haha.

Calamari e ceci

I didn’t take this picture. Sorry for the quality, and I apologize beforehand for the next one, super blurry. This is the calamari e ceci, it was quite interesting to eat calamari at a restaurant that’s not deep fried. I’m so used to it, but it was good. Not as awesome as deep fried calamari but still good. There was a big pile of chickpeas at the bottom. I ate a few with my soup, I think it was a better match that way.

Pancetta e radicchioSorry for the blurry picture. Sigh. This is the Pancetta e Radicchio. A salad with pork and some nuts, herbs and radicchio? I’m not sure what it was, but this salad was rather bland. We didn’t like it too much.

Brasato di manzo

Everyone wanted the same entree because no one wanted pasta or tuna. So we all got the red wine braised short rib. We also had something similar to this at Five Sails. But this was 10 times better. The short rib was so soft and pulled apart easily. The flavor of the red wine was infused with every bite. It was so juicy. The polenta was alright, it went well with the sauce. But none of us really touched it.


We ordered an extra side just in case we get too hungry. This actually came before any of our entrees. This dish was very small, each of us had 2 bites and it was gone. Flavor wise… it was nothing special. If we knew our entree would be that filling, we wouldn’t have ordered it.

Castagne e prugne

This is the Castagne e prugne, the pannacotta. I didn’t get to try it but it looks very pretty and interesting.

TiramisuTiramisu. Very beautifully displayed. The top was very soft, and the mascarpone cheese was rich in taste. It was really good, one of the better tiramisus that I’ve had. And extra points for the display.

Torta al cioccolato

The Italian names for the dishes are so beautiful. Too bad I can’t pronounce them. I got the Torta al cioccolato, chocolate mousse with caramel glaze and mandarin sorbetto. The sorbetto was very sour, but I loved it. The chocolate mousse was not as soft and mushy as I thought it’d be. It was delicious! It went so well with the glaze, surprisingly, even though it was caramel, it was not overly sweet, actually it wasn’t sweet at all. the chocolate bits all around was crunchy and offered a very different texture from the mousse and sorbet. Best dessert so far that I’ve had.

The experience at CinCin was great. I would love to return. Our server was amazing that night. She was attentive and apologized every time she was late. I loved the dine out experience here.

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