Dine Out at Five Sails Restaurant

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This is my first Dine Out of the year. I made reservations almost 2 weeks prior to the dinner and most times were taken already during that time. I’ve never been to five sails actually, but I’ve heard some good reviews about this place. But during dine out time, you should probably not expect so much. It was fairly busy, we arrived a little earlier and the place was packed.

Five SailsHere is the view of the restaurant in the waiting area. The service was still top-notch, despite the busy night. We were asked if we wanted our coats hang. We were seated as soon as the table was available, they cleaned so quickly. The decor in there was simple but it looked fairly nice. I never realized that the restaurant was L shaped, it looked much bigger from the outside.

Complementary BreadTheir dine out menu is $38 per person. It comes with one appetizer, one entree and one dessert. Once we ordered, we were brought some complementary bread from the restaurant. The butter was soft but I think it was overly salty. 3 pieces of bread shared among 2 people. 2 regular white bread and 1 raisin bread. All of them were a little burnt on the bottom. To be honest, I think the service at the table wasn’t that great. Our server was rather cold to us and not as attentive as I would like.

Ravioli Le bf got the ravioli with steelhead salmon and dungeness crab. I actually thought the presentation was super cute. You can’t really taste the crab, but the salmon was definitely there. The lobster emulsion went well with the dish. First bite actually tasted like nothing special, more like regular dumplings. But after a while, the flavor came out. There was also some vegetables underneath, but it was best to eat it separately as the vegetables had a very strong flavor that kind of took away the flavor of the ravioli.

Mushroom Soup

For my appetizer, I got the roasted porcini mushroom soup. I was expecting something more mushroom-tasting than this. I was a little disappointed. It had a hint of sour tasting in there that I did not like. It was watery and I could hardly taste any mushrooms.

Inniskilin Discovery Series Zinfandel 2009

For our entree, we decided to order the wine that was paired up for it. This is the¬†Inniskilin Discovery Series Zinfandel 2009. I’m not a huge fan of red wine, I’m more of a white wine kind of girl. This had a very sour taste to it and I did not find that it enhanced the flavors of the entree. We didn’t finish it. Next time, I’ll stick to coffee.

Slowly braised boneless beef short Ribs

We both ordered the slowly braised boneless Wagyu beef short ribs. When it arrived, we were both surprised by the portion size. It was very small, despite the large plate. At first bite, it was nothing special honestly. After taking a few more bites, we discovered how soft it was, it melted in our mouths. The prawns were great, not overly seasoned. I did find that the pickled vegetables at the very top corner was too sour. I actually only asked for mine to have ‘extra’ vegetables substituting the whipped potatoes. There was so less vegetables, I cannot imagine how much vegetables were going to be there if I didn’t substitute the potatoes. Our server misheard me and subbed le bf’s potatoes too. I felt bad.

Apple Tarte

I was so excited for the dessert, it has always been my favorite part of any meal, if there was going to be desserts. It was between this apple strudel and tarte with pistachio ice cream or the lemon mille feuilles. We both went with the apple. Maybe we should have gone with the other one. The pistachio ice cream was good, I liked it. The strudel (right hand side) tasted a lot like apple cinnamon buns. Which I really liked actually. We both didn’t like the tarte, it was bland and the texture was a little weird.

I think I came here with high expectations. If I came here without thinking much of it, maybe I would’ve been less disappointed. I don’t think I would ever come back here again, even for dine out. I agree that the restaurant has an amazing view and the atmosphere there is great, but on the other hand… The food quality just doesn’t match up in my opinion. You may think so other wise, but out of all my dine out experiences (food quality wise), this would be near the bottom.

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