First Meal of 2013 at Boathouse, White Rock.

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After hours of cleaning up, we were starving and wanted some meat. Since we were at Surrey, we decided to just drive over to White Rock because the Boathouse there has the BESTTTTT steak ever. Seriously, better than Gotham in my opinion. It actually does melt in your mouth. I thought we’d need reservations so I called in earlier and by the time we got there, it was relatively empty. The server said we came at the right time because just earlier, they almost had full house.

Lemon Water

I just ordered water with lemon and honey. The server was very attentive and constantly refilled my water and gave me new lemons. T got some pepsi, and again she always refilled. Bonus points for being attentive.. for now.


We were hungry so we immediately ordered an appetizer first, yam fries! I wanted the calamari but I guess he didn’t ): The complementary bread came first and we dug in. The bread was BURNING, like it was freshly made or maybe they just reheated it. But it was so soft and fluffy on the inside, and super crunchy crispy on the outside. The butter was a little dull, it had no butter flavor, but there was garlic flavor.

Yam fries

The yam fries were average. Not too oily. They served it with masala curry ketchup and harissa mayo. The mayo went soo well with the yam fries. Not too much to say about the yam fries, but it kept us busy before our entrees came.


I was debating between the stuffed wild BC sockeye and the Westcoast lifestyle Sockeye. I went with the 2nd choice, which was the ‘healthier’ version. They have a section where they list our nutrition, well calorie facts. This didn’t really taste any healthier than my last dish there last year. But the salmon was filled with flavor, or maybe their black pepper really spiced things up. We really like their black pepper. But I’m impressed that they did not burn the salmon. I’ve had salmon before where the inside was under-cooked and the outside was completely burned. This one was cooked wonderfully, and the taste was great. However, I do find that the vegetables were a little on the oily side, not as healthy as they claim. I’m not sure what kind of greens that is..


T got the 14 oz. New York Strip. We were recommended this during our last visit and we were completely hooked on it. Last visit, our server told us it was the BEST quality cut and it would melt in our mouth. & something about it being marinated for 35 days. They increased the price from last time! Maybe more and more people started to order it. This was $39.99 last time, and now &42.99. Not a huge increase, but yeah. haha. The¬†¬†shallot butter on top of the steak was special, and we think it complemented the steak very well. Even though the steak itself wasn’t AS good as last time, it was still above average in my opinion. This place makes the best medium rare, closer to the rare side, ever! I would highly recommend this if you ever go to Boathouse. I wonder if the other places would serve this the same. Hopefully they do. Again, the vegetables were super oily, but super tasty. I won’t complain. It was a fantastic meal.

Overall, the experience was great. It took a while for our server to come with the bill, and it was quite dead at that time. Food quality was great. We’d definitely come back, or try the other locations.

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