Carver’s Steakhouse

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For a friend’s birthday, we went to a very nice steakhouse for dinner. The only thing that I will complain about for the whole dinner is the parking. The parking area is small and mostly for the hotel guests to park. Maybe we could have parked there but it was packed already. We ended up parking on the streets. Other than that, everything was fine. The interior was very beautiful. I don’t have a picture, but all the tables had candles lite and the atmosphere was rather romantic.

Complementary Bread

The complementary bread came with some vinegar on a plate with a drizzle of olive oil. The white bread actually had a hint of cheese in there. I didn’t try it, but I did try the one with raisins. I liked it with the vinegar, it adds a little kick. Sorry for the blurry pictures by the way, it was very dark and I only had my phone with me.

Clam Chowder

T got the starter and dessert for his meal, so he chose the clam chowder. I took a sip and I find that there was too many ingredients in there, but i did like the creaminess of it. both felt as if there was a lot going on in that chowder. Sometimes a little goes a long way. In addition, the starter is terribly small. We were wondering if it was because it came with the meal as a 3 course.

NY Strip

Here is his entree, the 10oz New York steak. I didn’t try it because I was too full. But he said it wasn’t bad, but not the best. It came with mashed potatoes and some vegetables.

Filet Mignon

My entree, the 7oz filet mignon! It was fantastic. I got it medium rare and finally, a place where it actually comes medium rare. Most places I’ve been to lately or in the past year has always failed to deliver medium rare when I ask for it. The inside was bloody red, and the juice that came out of that filet was fabulous. The tenderness of the filet was just right. I was so pleased with my entree. Mine came with just vegetables because I asked for it that way. I do find that the veggies were a little over seasoned. But I was happy with my filet so I can’t complain too much.

NY Cheesecake

Finally, the dessert. Since I’m not that big of a fan of chocolate, I went with the NY cheesecake. I was kind of worried because I can’t eat cakes that are too creamy. This one wasn’t so bad, the texture is rich but not too heavy. It had a jello top and I believe the crust had some cashews in there, I’m not too sure. But some sort of nuts were in that crust and I loved it. It also came with some berry sauce, which I loved. It was a little sour on its own, but it’s meant to balance the taste of the cheesecake.

Overall the service was excellent. They often came over to refill our cups and to ask if everything was alright. My friend got a complementary drink and dessert from the Restuarant cause it was his birthday. He got the molten chocolate cake but I didn’t take a picture. It looked fantastic though. If only I was a bigger chocolate cake fan. It had ice cream too! The meal was great, and I would definitely come back for sure.

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